In 2014 she dropped out of uni to pursue performing. She trained in theatre & screen acting at Sydney Theatre School (2014), screen acting at New York Film Academy Australia (2015), Chubbuck at The Factory in Brisbane (2017), Perdekamp Emotional Method in Melbourne (2017), and long-form improvisation at The Improv Conspiracy (2017-18).

Since moving to Melbourne in 2017, she has performed at The Improv Conspiracy as part of ensemble team Fuggtown almost every Thursday night (Harold night), as well as various other indie teams. She now produces and performs in monthly shows Haha, aww & Unmapped Marauders.

Also in 2018, She was a RAW Preliminary Finalist, and also performed in the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival & Wagga Wagga Comedy Festival runs of Improvised Potter. In 2019, she performed again in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Improvised Potter, and also co-wrote, produced & performed in a musical comedy show about mental health called 'Mindful-mess'.

She has performed in short films, TVCs, theatre, and works freelance as a voice-over artist, videographer, and marketing all-rounder. Her other roles have included First A.D., script supervisor, call centre worker, retail assistant, receptionist, and even once did a two hour unpaid trial at a cattery where she literally cleaned cat poop for two hours completely unpaid. She did not get the job.

When she's not doing all of the above, Eloise studies at the University of Melbourne, works as a marketing manager for fintech start-up Archa, writes, plays music, sleeps, and speaks in the third person to remain detached and humble.



I'm a comedian, writer, actor, psychology/philosophy student, photographer, content creator, marketing manager, producer, musician & feminist. 

I want it all. Literally all of it. 


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